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ADHD test for children, adolescents and adults

ADHD is a common disorder that affects children and adults alike. There are specific measures you can take to assist children with their school learning and to assist adults during their work lives. At PECS, we provide thorough testing of children and adults for attention deficit disorder / attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

There are several symptoms that characterise ADHD, but it’s recommended that you come in, or bring your child in for a comprehensive ADHD assessment to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Common ADHD/ADD Symptoms

One of the most noticeable traits in someone who has ADHD is poor attention span and concentration. If you or your child struggle to maintain focus and are easily distracted, or fail to notice obvious details consistently, there is a chance that ADHD may be the cause.

Another common symptom is fidgeting or constant talking. These characteristics are associated with hyperactivity and impulsivity. If there is always a need to be moving, or a feeling of restlessness, even in a busy environment, then you should consider an ADHD test.

When do the symptoms become prominent?

ADHD / ADD is something that a person is born with, therefore, traits can be seen early on in childhood. Experts in the industry have stated that ADHD is one of the most common behavioural disorders that presents during childhood.

If it was not addressed as a child, your symptoms as an adult will become quite prominent, as you start noticing that you miss a lot of small details, find it difficult to concentrate at work, or struggle to advance your career. ADHD in adults is quite common, and can be diagnosed and treated accordingly.

PECS conducts assessments using a cross-battery approach for ADHD.

How is it treated?

Behavioural modification programmes and dietary changes can help lessen the effects of ADHD.  Medication such as Ritalin and Dexamphetamine are also commonly prescribed for children, teenagers and adults suffering from ADHD. There is wide debate regarding the long-term effects on children, however, it is highly effective in giving children the ability to focus on specific tasks at hand, allowing them to learn more efficiently in the classroom.

Our staff will guide you every step of the way regarding ADHD in children and in adults. Contact us today for an assessment.

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